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SpeedFoiler : A 7.62-meter-long foiling catamaran for a world championship designed by Martin Fischer

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The German-Danish TeamGaebler and the specialty chemicals company Evonik from Essen have joined forces to bring high-tech sailing to a new level. “Our SpeedFoiler™ is an ultra-lightweight, foiling catamaran that will achieve exceptional performance never before seen in our sport,” announced Olympic medalist Roland Gaebler.

The latest carbon fiber and composite technology make it possible to fly over the water. The new boat class, which is sailed by two persons in the trapeze, is not only aimed at professionals. Ambitious amateurs can also use the SpeedFoiler™ to compete in open regattas. The first prototype of the 7.62-meter-long SpeedFoiler™ is currently in the planning stage and will be built in the summer.

The SpeedFoiler™ belongs to the new generation of foiling catamarans. The extreme light weight and the innovative design of the sails, hull and attachments allow these boats to fly over the water.

“This is a fantastic experience and makes it extremely fun. And on top on that, you have a lot of spectacular pictures, and excited spectators and journalists all over the world,” said the ten-time World Champion Roland Gaebler.

These boats demand a high level of athletic and artistic abilities from the sailing teams.
The SpeedFoiler™ was designed for the FoilingWorldCup™ and the Little Cup and has the dimensions of a C-class multihull: The length is 7.62 m, and the width is 4.26 m. The mast height is 12 m. The sail area ranges from 90 square meters (light wind) to 28 square meters (strong wind). Martin Fischer, an eminently respected multihull and hydrofoil designer, worked on the project.

Race on four continents

To start with, Roland and Nahid Gaebler will use this boat to participate in some established regattas. Later, their own racing series is planned, the FoilingWorldCup™.

“Many world-class sailors have already expressed their interest in this new one-design class and the FoilingWorldCup™ and are just waiting to get going,” Nahid Gaebler said.

The FoilingWorldCup™ is a race of the nations with the best sailors and most innovative boats in the world. It is a new, professional sailboat racing series with 10 tour stops in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America. The one-design boats for the Foiling World Cup will be provided by the organizer.

TeamGaebler will also participate with the SpeedFoiler™ at Little Cup and other legendary endurance races. In addition, a European Cup is also planned.

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