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Racegeek launches the d10 with large 60 and 40mm digit backlit waterproof LCD display

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Designed for 20 to 35 feet sports boats and yachts, the d10 combines the core functionality needed for inshore racing into one easy to use and stylish device. Recognising the potential racing advantage of being able to synchronise and customise data from multiple instruments to one device, the racegeek team have been developing the d10 with input from industry professionals and international sailors.

Key features of the d10 include the large 60 and 40mm digit backlit waterproof LCD display with Corning®Gorilla® Glass protective cover, inbuilt compass and GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The race mode has three separate functions – prestart, performance and navigation – giving sailors the core numbers to get around the race course. The display automatically changes between function during the stages of the race giving sailors what they need, when they need it - from countdown and distance to line; to boat speed and wind angles; to waypoint angles and distance. The water resistant d10 is easy to connect and fits to a mast using a clip on bracket.

Sailors wanting additional technical functionality can connect device or software packages that support NMEA via Wi-Fi or cable and stream data to or from the d10 and customise data displays.

Ric Morris, co-founder of racegeek says, “Whether sailing in a weekly club series, nationals or regatta, the d10 is perfect for racers who want to keep the noise down, focus on the critical numbers and keep their heads out of the boat while harnessing the best technology. Having precise real time information on such a large format display makes it easier to take it in and you spend less time number watching and more time looking for the next shift or feeling the next puff of wave. It all helps with making more effective decisions and driving the boat faster. We have designed the d10 with the spirit of simplicity and sailing ethos of classes like the J24.”

The d10 is race legal in the following classes: HP30, Super 12, C&C 30, Seascape 24 and 27, Farr 30 and Farr 40, J22 and J24, J70, J80, Melges 20, Melges 24 and Melges 32, Moth, Platu 25 and SB20. The d10 can be used in IRC, ORC and PHRF races.

JC Durbin, co-founder of racegeek, continued, “Our team of racegeek development testers have given us brilliant feedback about the product so far. Their input has been invaluable in creating a simple, easy to use, stylish product that offers the technical functionality of two products in one at a popular price point. The d10 stores data at a 10x/second, uploads to the cloud where it is analysed to give you a summary that will help you understand your performance and where there is room to improve. Data collected out on the water can be easily downloaded to the racegeek analytics portal for analysis and the team are encouraging d10 owners to share data with each other.”

View online : Press info

The RRP for the d10 is £939 (including VAT), US$999, €895 (excluding VAT). The d10 can be pre-ordered now from the racegeek website,, and stock will be available from the end of April 2017.
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