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G-Force Yachts will celebrate its 10 years old in March

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Since the start of G-Force Yachts in 2004, the shipyard has been widely considered as the leading expert in producing and developing high performance sailing yachts, which are true world-beaters in their segment. G-Force Yachts is a Dutch company. Today’s range is exported throughout 14 countries in Europe, USA and Asia with registered offices in Marseille, France and Hong Kong.

G-Force Yachts range includes the Rebel dinghy. X-Treme 25 and the X-Treme 37.

View online : Info presse

track record:

  • 2006: Rebel dinghy winning Best Boat Award, South Africa
  • 2006: X-Treme 37 handicap and line Honours Cape to Bahia ocean race
  • 2009: X-Treme 25 second place IRC fleet Hamble winter series, UK
  • 2009: X-Treme 25 overall winner Classico Alberto, Italy
  • 2010: X-Treme 25 line honours Lidingö Runt, Sweden
  • 2011: X-Treme 25 winning Best Boat Award by Sailmagazine USA
  • 2012: X-Treme 37 second place BVI Spring regatta, Caribbean
  • 2013: X-Treme 37 overall winner Grenada Sailing Week, Caribbean
  • 2013: X-Treme 37 overall winner OD ORC Cup Bregenz, Switzerland
  • 2013: X-Treme 37 line honours Rundum Bodensee, 3rd in ORC-Club class 1, Switzerland
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