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LCJ Capteurs launches the first NMEA2000 Plug and Play atmospheric sensor “BaroPlug”

Saturday 29 November 2014, by La Rédaction

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What is the pressure around right now? Is it high or low pressure? Unlike temperature or wind, you cannot figure, even roughly, what is the pressure with your five senses: you need a sensor.

BaroPlug is a plug and play barometer for NMEA2000 instruments systems. First of its kind, it features a MICRO plug and a LED indicator. Plug it to the NMEA backbone, and read immediately the atmospheric pressure on any compatible display.

BaroPlug weights 35 gr and measures 8 cm long for less than 2 cm diameter. It measures the pressure from 850 hPa to 1150 hPa to one decimal resolution and sends the relevant pgn to the NMEA network. BaroPlug complies with the NMEA2000 V3 specifications.

This exciting product addresses a market demand and retails at 149 Euros (Recommended Retail Price including VAT). The new BaroPlug comes with a 3 years guaranty.

View online : Info presse www.lcjcapteurs.com

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