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SPEEDDREAM : The mxNext goes into full production

D 6 March 2014     H 01:22    

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As with all great new products, there comes a time when you have to decide that more testing and more analysis is less important than going into full production. Such is it with the mxNext. After almost a year of sailing the original prototype in all kinds of conditions and with sailors of all levels of experience, we now feel that the boat is 100% ready for full production and with that the first strands of carbon were laid down on hull #1 this morning. The mxNext is now formally in production and we foresee a great future for the boat.

Master builder Mark LeBlanc has worked tirelessly to perfect the mxNext and after recently spending five days two-boat testing in Coconut Grove, Florida, he feels happy that the boat is now ready for prime time.

“It’s a long process from concept to production,” Mark said. “We had to build molds, develop tooling, produce a prototype, test   it in all kinds of conditions, tweak and retweak, but finally it’s time to stop all that and go into production. This morning we started on hull #1 and it feels great to finally have a boat that I am extremely proud of and a nice facility that can turn out at least two boats a week.”

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